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Assemble With Care IPA (MOD, Unlocked) iOS

Assemble With Care IPA (MOD, Unlocked) iOS
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  • Version 1.11.138
  • Size 634.45MB
  • MOD Features MOD, Unlocked
  • Requires Android 11 And Up
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Are you looking for a game that doubles as a relaxing activity and teaches you something at the same time? Assemble With Care IPA for iOS is the perfect choice for you. In this game you play Maria, an antiques restorer. Assemble With Care APK Your job is to repair and assemble items for the community and give them the care they need. This game provides a fun way to learn the inner workings of DIY restoration.

Assemble with Care: What Is It?

Assemble with Care IPA for iOS is a game developed by the indie game developer Ustwo. It requires you to use your skills in restoration and repair to help restore the intuitive world of Bellariva. You have to solve puzzles, repair broken objects and create new items of love, care, and attention for the people of this beautiful town.


The game follows a well-structured story line that allows you to take control of Maria, the antiques restorer. Your job is to restore broken items for people in town and help them along the path of personalized care. Items can range from vintage clocks to crystal glasses to vintage books and more. For each item, you’ll have to complete mini-puzzles to unlock items and fix the broken object.

What Can You Learn?

This game provides great educational opportunities as it gives you an idea of how to take care of different objects through restoring them. You’ll learn how to identify the different tools needed to repair objects, how to use them, and how to troubleshoot different components of the item. You’ll also get to experience hands-on the joy of giving something old a new life.

Visuals and Sound

The game focuses on an immersive audio-visual experience. The visuals are charming and captivating with an unique art style featuring hand-drawn illustrations and vibrant colors. The soundtrack is soothing and encourages you to take your time and concentrate on the task at hand.

Assemble With Care APK MOD Android

Assemble With Care APK MOD Android is an adventure puzzle game built for mobile devices. Featuring beautiful graphics and an intuitive gameplay loop, Assemble With Care allows you to repair objects in a nostalgic and whimsical world. Assemble With Care APK MOD version allows Android players access to enhanced graphic quality, additional levels, and new in-game features. With its intuitive controls and mechanics, Assemble With Care is perfect for casual players and hardcore fans alike. With its relaxed and calming atmosphere, Assemble With Care is sure to engage and delight players as they build their way through its captivating and unique environments.


The controls of the game are simple and straightforward. You use the touchscreen of your mobile device to select items, use tools and manipulate items. There are also brief instructional videos that explain the inner workings of tools and objects.

Assemble With Care IPA MOD iOS

The recently released iOS version of the Assemble With Care IPA MOD game is a great take on puzzle solving and creativity. It provides a fresh and challenging experience where the player must use their puzzle solving skills to help restore and rebuild vintage pieces of furniture. With its beautiful graphics and intriguing storyline, this game would make a great addition to any puzzle game collection. A must-have for iOS users looking for some challenging and captivating entertainment!

Get the Game

Assemble with Care IPA for iOS is available for free from the App Store. If you want to experience a combination of a fun game and an educational journey of restoration, this game is definitely worth checking out!

Tips & Tricks

  • Take your time – Don’t rush things, take your time to complete each puzzle and repair each item.
  • Plan ahead – Pay attention to the environment and where each item goes the best. Also look for clues in the environment to find the best solution for each puzzle.
  • Pay Attention to the Instructional Videos – Read the instructions carefully before attempting any repair or puzzle.
  • Clear the Clutter – Make sure you clean up after you dismantle an item to make your job easier.

How to Install Assemble With Care IPA IPA on iPhone iPad without computer?

1- Download Scarlet or Trollstore or Esign To install Assemble With Care IPA IPA
2- Go to settings > Profiles & devices management > trust on developer.
3- Download Assemble With Care IPA IPA on iPhone iPad And Send to Scarlet or Trollstore or Esign

What People Are Saying

Assemble with Care IPA for iOS is receiving great reviews from gamers and critics alike. Many appreciate the game for its calming yet educational experience that is also fun. Gamers love the narrative of the game, the visuals, the soundtrack, and the puzzle solving.

Download Assemble With Care IPA iOS iPhone

In conclusion, Assemble with Care IPA for iOS is a great game for anyone who appreciates puzzles and restoring items. You play as Maria, an antiques restorer, where your job is to restore broken items with care. The game combines the fun of puzzles and restoring items with a calming atmosphere and educational lessons. With its creative visuals, intuitive gameplay and soothing soundtrack, this game is definitely worth checking out.

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